Daycare & Boarding FAQ

Where is the daycare?

The address is 868 E Cordova St between Hawks and Campbell.  If you  know where the Bang-On T-Shirt wholesale place is or the drive-thru Starbucks, we’re just across the street where the warehouses are on the right. Its a bright red building!

It’s only 5min drive, 10min bike ride, or a 20min walk between the daycare and T&T roundabout area in Crosstown(see Stadium skytrain).    We have free shuttle service during set times between T&T roundabout area and daycare. Read on below.

So I can come to the roundabout to drop off and pick up my dog?  

That’s right!  In our efforts to maintain a convenient location we have a van waiting for drop offs and pick ups on weekdays.  The shuttle does not run on the weekends.  We have free shuttle service between roundabout and daycare from 7:10-10:00am weekdays.  See our Free Shuttle schedule for details.

Can I visit while my dog is in daycare?

Unless you can come in an invisible suit, we do not permit visitation inside the actual daycare. More often than not this causes anxiety and stress at the sight of their owner leaving without them.  We have a monitor in the front pick up area of the daycare if you would like to come and watch them play.  Also join our facebook page to get photos, videos, and updates too.  Also check out our instagram page for fun photos and video.

Do the dogs stay indoors?

Yes, our daycare is a supervised indoor facility with lots of natural light and access to fresh air. We have a fenced outside area with a shade covering and play pool for summer fun.  A complimentary group walk is provided in the afternoon to encourage pee breaks outside.  Boarding dogs also receive morning and evening walks.  Should you want to add on extra walks or adventure walks we can arrange that for you at an added cost to your daycare or boarding service.

What happens if I’m not back by closing or past my maximum half day time?

Well… there are late fees in addition to your daycare fee. It’s a lot less than other dog daycare facilities, but we need to cover our costs for over time and give you incentive to make it back in time. See House Rules for late fees.

If you go past the 6hr half day time and it’s before 7pm then it will be adjusted to a full day rate.

Can I have someone else pick up my dog?

Yes as long as you provide us with the details of the person picking up your dog ahead of time. We require their first and last name, phone number, and their relation to you. If we are not notified of who will pick up your dog we may not release your dog until we can verify that they have authority or permission from you.

Is pick up or drop off service from and to my home or another location available?

Yes – for $5 each way with location and schedule permitting. We require a minimum of ONE (1) business day notice to schedule the pick up.  Phone or email messages are not confirmation of scheduled pick up unless a confirmation call, text, or email is returned to you.  But if you are in a jam, you should always ask and we will see what we can do.

Morning pick ups are generally provided between 10am and 12pm.  Drop offs are generally provided between 6pm and 6:45pm.  This service is generally offered in the downtown and 5km of our daycare and shop locations. We require a time range for pick up and drop off due to traffic and other factors that may require time flexibility.  If you cannot be home for us simply leave us keys and any instructions for pick up and drop off for your dog.

What if I need to send my dog to grooming or vet appointment during daycare?

Just let us know which groomer or vet your dog has an appointment with and we can take them there for you.  Cost is $15 for transport and if you require us to stay there it will be an additional $20 per hour or portion of from time of arrival to the appointment. This service is restricted to the Vancouver area.

For daycare & boarding dogs with grooming appointments at The Dog Republic (TDR) we offer complimentary shuttle service to and from daycare during our scheduled shuttle times only.  Transport to and from TDR outside of the shuttle schedule is an additional $5 roundtrip back to the daycare.

How is the boarding fee charged?

Boarding service is based on a 24hr period.  So, if you drop your dog off at 7am and pick up at 7pm the next day, it will be boarding fee plus cost for a full day of daycare at or deduction off a prepaid day (ie. 10pk purchase).

You can also purchase multi night boarding and multi day daycare packs which discounts the rates.  This is a great option for those that need boarding service on a regular basis.

Where do boarding dogs stay overnight?

Dogs stay with Holly, the owner, at her house or with approved staff in their homes. There, they sleep on dog beds in a home environment, with a back yard to play and go hiking and beach walking with Holly’s dogs or on daily outings with staff one on one. You are welcome to pre-arrange a visit to where your dog will be boarding to check out their sleep-over getaway.

What supplies do owners need to send their dog with?

The only supplies we require for boarding are as follows:

  • Secure collar or harness and leash with proper id and license tags
  • Food & treats to last for their stay (please do not send your dog with a 30lb bag for a short stay – put it in a smaller bag or container)
  • Supplements and medication as needed
  • Rain gear and jacket if needed

Any supplies that we require for your dog that was not sufficiently supplied (ie not enough food) you do not provide us will be added to your boarding fees.

Please DO NOT send your dog with bedding, toys, bowls, towels or other items not listed above. We have extra of these and would prefer not to risk accidental soiling or damage to your own items by any of the other dogs.  Should you require us to use your personal items for your dog, you do so at your own risk and we cannot guarantee that it will be returned in its original condition.

What is the latest I can pick up my dog from boarding?

The latest pick up time weekdays is 7pm from the daycare. Weekend arrangements can be made but do not exceed 7pm from boarder’s home. Anything past 7pm and the dog stays another night and can be picked up the next day.