Wagababa The Daycare

Our new daycare location is a supervised indoor facility with access to fresh air, space to romp and run with every changing play equipment.  Plus we take the dogs on a quick group walk to let them have a chance to go potty outside and bond with their pack.

We offer convenient weekday hours from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday allowing you to drop off your dog before work and pick up after work with ample time. You can select from full day, half day, or hourly service.  You’ve got a busy schedule so let us take care of your dog for you during the week.  A happily tired out dog is a good dog and a happy owner.

During the weekdays (Mon-Fri) we offer a free shuttle service between the shop and daycare for added convenience.  But if you are passing by the area of the daycare feel free to drop off and pick up directly from the daycare warehouse.

We also offer overnight boarding and weekend daycare by appointment only.  Must book one (1)  business day prior to check in day.  Contact us for more information.

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